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Anonymous asked:

What's happening on /v/ and /pol/?

i can hardly tell, at least it has to do with censoring #gamergate, even people on /pol/ got banned for sayying nigger…

these are weird times, and i think moot is on vacation


Anonymous asked:

did you get into Art school?

Nope, just slow work and pure willpower for 10 years, i was self taught since kid when i didn’t even how to draw. 

First i started tracing an existing image, then copying it, then draw it my own style, since then i just keep polishing my style til i was confident enough to do my own poses

Is an empirical process, a lot of people want me to teach them, but to be honest, i am no art teacher, mostly because this was a trial and error thing i had for 10 years.  I encourage them to do the same process, and if they can do it half the time it took me, AWESOME!

I still got a lot to learn but hey, we are here in this life to learn

Oh you were talking about my exam? nope, just by 0.1 i couldn’t pass, but hey, i always find another way, silly me, i just got a lil bit emotional


Anonymous asked:

Are you ever going to finish the second part of the commission of Vice Principle Luna and Anon by Shattered Oath?

Being doing a lot of sketches trying to focus on both Celestia and Luna with  the info ShatteredOath sent me, not gonna lie, i’m wasn’t that satisfied, specially with the feedback i got from derpibooru from the last page, i want it to go perfect, or at least as close to that.

Usually i’m my own tough critic

That and… some issues i got IRL, let’s just say, people just want to screw with you because they can

I’ll send it before 15 september, guaranteed, sorry for making you Want Shattered

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