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Sing along with me guys


What is this game filled with so many waifus

Casting this spell, i can’t wait until august

Filled with their hips and their cute little faces

Fanarts spree and their rule 34

thirthy foooouuuuur!

Ohh what a magical game

And we owe it all to Sakurai Sensei

If i’d knew WiiU could give so many girls

I’d buyed it sooner and never leave

Yes, i love every giiiiiiiiiiirl!


(Image by munchywearstinyhats)

This is it, fellas. The 100th thread of EqG. Your urge to finger Rarity under the gym bleachers has not wavered since the day we began, and we thank you for it. Some said we would never make it here (Chad, I’m looking at you,) but we kept our heads held high and our self respect low. We did it, gentlemen. Now have a slice of cake and celebrate, you earned it. -Munchy

To think i was on the thread that started it all and it was also almost a year ago…. time sure flies

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